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  • Name: Sara
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  • Occupation: Work in museum.
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  • Hobbies: History.
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  • Name: Maye
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  • Hobbies: Reading books, watching movies.
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  • Name: Tauret
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Egypt belongs to one of the most mysterious countries, which scientists and researchers have been talking about for centuries, but so far no one can understand the mystery of this country, and even more so its rulers. If you are ever destined to go to Egypt, be sure to look at the ancient pyramids, touch them and feel the breath of antiquity, which has more than one millennium. If you want to get acquainted with the culture of Egypt, then do not forget about Heliopolis. The western districts of Cairo were built in the 19th century by the Egyptian ruler Ismail Pasha. The most interesting exhibits are: Book of the dead, golden gravestone mask Tutankhamen, Jewelry Queen Aakhotep, Mummies of the Pharaohs, Mummies and sarcophagi of the priests of Amun, Mysterious Sakkarsy airplane
And much more. Egypt has always worried and continues to worry. The air temperature in Cairo in spring is +28 + 30 degrees during the day, and at night it drops to +14 + 17 degrees. Just one thought about what can be seen, drinking coffee, from a height where only birds fly, the very ancient city that inspired the creation of many movies. Egyptian Museum (Cairo Museum)
In the capital of Egypt is the Egyptian Museum – the largest museum dedicated to the history of Egypt. Shops, boutiques, restaurants. Sights of Cairo
Pyramids and the Nile in Cairo
The Pyramids and the Nile are the most involved attractions in Egyptian films. Article Vacations in Egypt: What Should I Know? The history and architecture of Heliopolis is inextricably linked with the worship of the supreme god of the sun (first Atumu, and then Ra), as well as the associated deities. The water temperature is +20 + 21 degrees. Here, tourists with a wide range of character will find everything that they have been looking for so long. And you will find them in Cairo. And when you finally arrive in Egypt, do not be lazy and use all your strength to see and feel how Cairo is really different. And, of course, it is worth a ride on the Nile River. The eastern part of Cairo was chaotically built up over the centuries, there are a lot of narrow streets with overpopulated apartment buildings. The pyramids are still an ancient, beautifully preserved, man-made miracle that you should definitely see with your own eyes. Cairo has always played and continues to play such a huge and vivid role in the cinema, that fate itself told us to add it to our list of “must-see in Egypt” at number one. At this time of the year, the air temperature in Cairo in the fall is +30 + 26 degrees in the daytime, and at night it drops to +14 + 19 degrees. The population of the city is more than 8 million. In the center of Cairo there is the green island of Gezira or Zamalik, embassies, representative offices of large companies, modern office centers and several five-star hotels are located there. It is enough to imagine that the grandest civilization of the ancient world was born at this most majestic river, and feelings begin to overwhelm. Sometimes Cairo is portrayed as one of those cities that are stuck in the past, but this is very far from the truth.

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