The Ukrainian girls

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  • Name: Kate
  • Age: 24
  • Occupation: Student
  • Interested In: Find new interesting friends to chat
  • Hobbies: Listening music, watching movies.
  • WhatsApp Number: +38035689254542
  • Name: Dasha
  • Age: 20
  • Occupation: Free all time.
  • Interested In: Improve English speaking
  • Hobbies: Learning languages.
  • WhatsApp Number: +3804513298655
  • Name: Nastya
  • Age: 18
  • Occupation: Student
  • Interested In: Chat, find new friends and interesting peoples.
  • Hobbies: Taking care about animals.
  • WhatsApp Number: +3881664132512
  • Name: Oksana
  • Age: 21
  • Occupation: Freelancfer
  • Interested In: Chat, but do not mind dating.
  • Hobbies: Listening music.
  • WhatsApp Number: +3885546897213
  • Name: Tania
  • Age: 26
  • Occupation: Work
  • Interested In: Speaking with interesting people
  • Hobbies: Taking an interesting photos.
  • WhatsApp Number: +3881245698785

Ukraine is a colorful multinational country with good potential for the development of tourist destinations. A large variety of traditions that have arisen from the mixing of different cultures, make it unique. Each region has its own characteristics. The population of the state is just over 42.5 million people in an area of 603,549 m², which allows it to remain one of the largest in Europe.
Despite economic difficulties and numerous political reforms that the state is undergoing, it remains attractive for tourists from all over the world. Vacationers come here to get acquainted with the customs of the region, get healthier in numerous sanatoriums, and enjoy historical, cultural monuments. Ukraine can offer any options for recreation: from the city to the beach. Modern Ukrainians are descendants of the ancient Slavs who once drove the Scythians and Sarmatians from this territory. Around the 5th century. There were the first princely associations, which gave rise to the formation of statehood. 882 is the founding date of Kievan Rus, whose capital was Kiev. It was an economically and culturally developed power that had sufficient military power to withstand the numerous raids of the nomads for a long time and constantly expand its territories. An important milestone in the fate of not only Kievan Rus, but the whole Orthodox world, – the adoption of Christianity in 988.
The history of a prosperous state practically ends after its conquest by the Mongol-Tatars, and later by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the future, the territory was divided between the Moldavian principality, the Hungarian kingdom and the Golden Horde, Poland and the Lithuanian state.
There are a lot of amazing places in Ukraine that everyone needs to see. First of all, it affects the richness of nature of this region. To swim in the warm sea, lie on the golden sandy beaches, you should go to the south: the resorts of the Black and Azov Seas annually receive thousands of tourists. Vacationers can stay in luxury hotels, cozy guesthouses or private homes. In addition to the sea coast, dolphinariums and aqua parks, foreigners can also visit the unique biosphere reserve “Askania-Nova”. Here, in the wild, people walk in the wild with zebras, eland antelopes, bison, camels, herds of Przewalski horses.
Another pearl of the south of Ukraine is Odessa. This is one of the most distinctive cities, which immediately gains sympathy, thanks to the unique dialect and unique humor. Coming here, you should definitely visit Primorsky Boulevard, take a picture on the Potemkin Stairs and on the background of the colonnade, buy a ticket for a performance at one of the most beautiful opera houses in Europe, and stroll along Deribasovskaya Street.
The Carpathians is a real treasure of the country. In winter, you can ski or snowboard, meet the New Year in a shepherd’s hut on the top of the mountain, go to the valley of narcissuses in the spring, climb the meadow and try to find the edelweiss flower in the summer, and pick up white mushrooms in the fall. Also worth a visit are the salt lakes in Solotvino, the thermal pools in Beregovo, the Lake Synevyr, the ostrich farm in Khust, and try the best cheeses and vintage wines of Transcarpathia in the village of Nizhnye Selishche. Year-round holidaymakers take numerous resorts and hospitals: this region is famous for its natural mineral springs.

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