Features of India and what not to talk in India

In India, a huge number of ancient temples, some even carved into the rocks. Many of them are under the protection of UNESCO.
In addition to Hindi, India has many local languages, it all depends on a particular region of the country. In total, there are 22 official languages. You can easily talk and chat with Indian people in English.
It is unlikely that there are those who have not heard of Bollywood — this is the largest film industry in the world (and not Hollywood, as many people think), which makes about 800 films a year.
Almost all women wear national clothes (sarees) in India, but men most often wear western clothes. In chats, you will also see women with ordinary clothes.
What not to do in India:
To offend cows. This is a sacred animal for the Hindus.
Coming on time. In India, people and transport are always late, so it is better not to arrive in advance, otherwise you will have to wait a very long time. For that when you will go to date someone it is not important to come in time.
Show aggression is also not worth it, the Indians will not understand it and will be offended.
It is impossible to point a finger, and also to direct soles of footwear towards people or an altar is disrespect.
Drink tap water. You can get sick.
You can not bargain in India. This is a kind of local custom, but you need to be able to bargain. Here it is a whole performance, a kind of game, the rules of which you need to know.
You can not go to the temple in the shoes and take pictures without permission.

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