How online chats has changes life in India

Social networks are a real revolutionary tool of modern life in India. It is impossible to say unequivocally whether it was better or worse before their appearance, but one thing becomes clear: they radically changed the concepts of first impressions, courtship, communication, and time spent together. Social networks affect the most important decisions in our lives: the choice of a partner (for love). «Do not meet, and we will write off.» To the question “Where did you meet?”, The answer is often “in an online chat”.
In the history of India, the choice of a partner, as a rule, was limited to geography or social status. What is happening now is a huge shift in the culture of relationships. Such acquaintances are unprecedented.

Communication is one of the main needs of a person in India, but dating and social networks and online chats do not allow spending much time on grooming a partner. There are online cinemas and product delivery services, which reduces the time spent together, but still meets our needs.
In a different way, even daily communication takes place: for Indian people who do not like to talk on the phone for a long time, social networks and online chats are the ideal way to communicate. You can record voice or video messages, write long texts, or, conversely, respond with monosyllabic phrases — as it is easier for someone.

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