How to impress a girl in WHATSAPP chat

If you behave sincerely, politely and confidently, then you will be able to impress any girl with whom you communicate in the WhatsApp program. A good profile photo and witty status will allow you to make a good first impression, but the main thing is correct communication. Ask questions to show genuine interest in the girl, and also find an interesting topic for conversation. You need to relax, be yourself and remember that the best way to impress a person is simply to be sincere and not to pretend.
Choose a good profile photo. A good profile photo is the first step to impressing a girl in WhatsApp. Choose your best portrait photo in which you are doing something exciting or are in an unusual place.
For example, if you like to play the guitar, then select a photo for the profile in which you improvise on the instrument. If in doubt, just smile and take a picture of yourself on the front camera of your phone.
If you do not want to use a personal photo, then set the image of your favorite character or athlete.
Come up with an interesting status. The WhatsApp program offers a list of ready-made statuses like «Low charge level», but it’s better to come up with something special. Think about what you want to say about yourself using status. This can be a line from your favorite song, movie or series. You can also use a witty remark.
If you and a particular girl like a certain song or film, a quote in the status will help to chat.
Format text in messages and profile. The WhatsApp profile provides very brief information. In contrast to the wide possibilities of Facebook, it provides only a photo, status, employment and contact details. Use features such as text formatting to demonstrate whatsapp skills.
Text in a message or status can be written in bold, italic, or even in strike through font with special characters around the desired word. For example, asterisks allow you to write a word in bold (* sample *). An underscore can turn your word into _cursive_, and tildes ~ cross out ~ a word.
You can also go to your personal settings and hide information about yourself, but in this case, the desired girl will not be able to contact you.

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