WhatsApp Messenger secrets which you didn’t know

Against the background of the popularity of such messengers as Viber and Telegram, we completely forgot about the good old WhatsApp.
This application was at the origins of the «movement of instant messengers» and appeared in the distant 2009, when few people thought about this method of communication on smartphones. Its author, Jan Kum (who came from Ukraine) in 2012, successfully sold WhatsApp to Facebook.
WhatsApp is now popular in Western Europe and the USA. Yes, and in Russia it is not forgotten, the popularity there is growing against the background of the threat of blocking Telegram. WhatsApp has all the features of a modern messenger: messages, voice calls, video calls, group chats, sending images, video.
Today we will talk about how to use it as efficiently as possible.
All tips are relevant for WhatsApp 2.18.105 for Android.
1. If you often correspond with the interlocutor in WhatsApp, then looking at the history of messages, it is very difficult to find something. But this may be an important instruction or advice. In order to save the necessary messages and not to search for them again, simply click on it and mark it at the top with a star. It will fall into a separate section «Favorite Posts». Access to them is possible through the menu. Now you definitely will not lose useful information.
2. If you read the message in the chat and know what you need to answer it, but a little later — you definitely need this function. Just mark this conversation with the other person as unread. To do this, make a long “tap” on the dialogue and select “Mark as unread”. Now you will not forget to answer your interlocutor.
3. To make a small “spam mailing” for friends with an offer to go to the movies, select the “New mailing” option. This will allow you to send one message to several recipients at once. It turns out something like a mass mailing. Simple and convenient. The maximum number of recipients — 256.
4. Sometimes it is inconvenient to keep the smartphone in hand and type messages, I want to change to a normal keyboard with a mouse. For this there is a special version of WhatsApp for desktop computers. It runs directly from the browser. We type in the address bar:https://web.whatsapp.com and go to the website, open the WhatsApp phone and select “WhatsApp Web” in the menu, scan the QR code.

You are logged in to your profile on the computer. Now you can chat more quickly, send photos by simply dragging the pictures. The disadvantage of this connection is that a smartphone with WhatsApp should be constantly connected to the Internet. As soon as you turn off the Internet — the connection is lost on the computer. But this is clearly better than nothing.

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